Best Neck and Face Toning Exercises to get rid of Double Chin without Liposuction

Neck Exercises

The formation of double chin occurs due to various factors, and most importantly, it is due to weight gain and inappropriate lifestyle. Accumulation of fat under the chin is very common and it causes a lot of discomfort.  The double chin also appears in individuals as they grow older as the elasticity of the skin becomes less and it results in sagging of skin.

 It is not as easy to get rid of these fatty deposits. Most common  method that is widely used to reduce fat deposits on the face is liposuction. The liposuction procedure endeavors to lay emphasis on the contour of the lower jaw. But, it is always safe to make use of natural methods that work best and help you attain a fit and healthy body by burning the fat fast. Some of the exercises that are useful to burn body fat are cycling, walking, swimming and aerobic exercises.

Important Exercises to Perform

The best neck and face toning exercises that can be performed to get rid of double chin without opting for the liposuction procedure, that is a little painful, include working on facial exercises. The simplest facial exercises that can be done to provide firmness to the skin include lifting of the jaw as high as achievable and then carrying out the action of opening and closing the mouth. It is this action that causes stretching of the skin as well as in the muscles and providing firmness to the skin. You could try chewing gum.

It takes a lot of effort and time to reduce the fat under the skin in the neck region. The most important exercises are performed by opening your mouth.  In this exercise you necessitate to open your mouth as wide as possible and take out your tongue as much as possible. You must try your best to touch the tongue to the chin. The exercise must be done by holding it for 10 counts and must be repeated at least 10 times. By doing this exercise, you, would feel the muscles of the chin as well as the neck getting constricted.

A simple exercise that can be done for reducing a double chin is to roll your neck. For this exercise you require to place yourself with your spine straight. You need to turn your head to the side by keeping the chin parallel to your shoulder. The head must be rolled slowly downwards and then raised up to the other side. It is necessary to repeat this exercise 10 times a day.

Exercise with a Ball

A simple and effective exercise that can be done to get rid of a double chin is to exercise by use of a tennis ball that is placed against the throat and that is held with the help of the chin. The ball must be pressed tightly with the chin and slowly released. The action of holding the ball is repeated ten times at least and must be done regularly.

These simple exercises can help you avoid liposuction surgery, which like any surgical procedure presents some health risks.