Facelift without surgery – Simple Facial Exercises

 Are you interested in attaining firmer and younger looking skin free from wrinkles?  If the answer is yes, then you need to try doing some  facial exercises that would assist in your facelift without the need of a surgery. It is always preferable to make use of homemade methods that comprise face restoration exercises and make you appear younger. The exercises can be done anytime and anywhere according to your liking and they are a big means to stop the progress of aging.

 Why Must You Do Facial Exercises

 Facial exercises are essential and must be done regularly as they increase the supply of oxygen to the facial muscles, which in return rejuvenate the skin and help you attain a healthier skin. Use of anti-aging creams and other lotions for the purpose of reducing the signs of aging are a waste of money. It is always better to work on features that provide long term benefits like performing facial exercises that help you avoid facelift surgery.

The best part of carrying out facial exercises is that it does not cause any pain unlike a facelift, and are god for toning your facial appearance. No matter if you are under 40 or older, you must work on these exercises to prevent the skin from sagging and getting wrinkles.

Simple Face lift Exercises

Some of the simplest facelift exercises that can be done to help you age gracefully with a younger looking skin are listed below.

·        The cheeks must be puffed and the lips must be pressed tightly to each other as if it is holding water within. The cheeks must be slapped for a minute with your hands as if you were hitting yourself. It is this action that helps to increase the blood supply to the facial muscles.

·        The next option is to draw together your lips as firm as possible, as if you are about to whistle.  The lips must be held tight for 20 seconds in this position and after that you can relax.

·        You can also lie on your back and relax with your head on the bed. Then gradually you must lift your head and get your chin close to your upper body. The exercise must be done by holding for a count of ten and then you can lower your head down again.

These exercises must be practiced regularly and at least 3-5 days in a week. Working on these exercises consistently will definitely provide amazing results and your wrinkle will fade away.

 The main benefits of working on these facial exercises are that they help to strengthen the muscles of the face, and even assist in gaining back its elasticity making the skin firmer and not sagging. You can also massage your skin with Vitamin E oil before going to sleep to help protect the skin from tissue damage. But care should be taken that the oil is massaged on the face upwards.